Beyond shaping global challenges, sustainability can drive business success, transforming the organisation’s purpose into performance.

Our Sustainability

Our sustainability purpose is to fuel the dreams and aspirations of our stakeholders responsibly by being a resilient business, building a resilient community and conserving a living planet. To this end, we have developed the DIMO Sustainability Agenda 2030, identifying the sustainable business focus areas for the company for the next six years.

It is the pathway that we have chosen to determine organizational stability, to overcome challenges and to institute sustainable mechanisms in resource deployment and managing employees. This journey will see us diversify our workforce, products, and services and create a resilient community to build back a country full of opportunities.

Sustainability Initiatives

We believe that our businesses should be built on principles that will ensure economic, social and environment sustainability, so that we can collectively build a society characterised by fair and equal treatment.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) play a key role in unifying such efforts. Therefore, it is our natural choice to commit ourselves to the SDGs, to ensure our business develops in a sustainable manner. Explore our sustainability focused projects to see how we are making a difference.
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