We exist because we

  • Have great relationships with best of breed partners
  • Refine the portfolio mix of our business continuously
  • Create financial value
  • Earn the trust of customers and they keep coming back
  • Are friendly towards Environment
  • Play by the rules
  • Nurture people and they find it enjoyable and rewarding to work with us
  • Serve the community
  • These constitute strategic imperatives

Introduction to the Impact Management

DIMO is committed to being a partner in sustainable development. This is reflected in our mission statement “Create Value Responsibly”. To us, responsible behaviour is a part of our differentiation strategy and not a mere “license to operate”.

Our statement of purpose, “Create Value Responsibly”, drives our commitment to be a responsible corporate citizen. Responsible behaviour has been institutionalised through the implementation of a management system that incorporates the management of economic, social and environmental impacts arising from our value creation process. In order to improve transparency, we have also complied with the GRI standards when reporting matters relating to sustainability.

Building Capital

Sustainability for DIMO means meeting the expectations of stakeholders and preserving the earth and its resources. Sustainability and good Governance are key values that drive all our corporate activities and are very closely ingrained in our corporate culture.

Sustainability at DIMO

Sustainability to DIMO is a holistic concept where the Board of Directors performs a role of Stewardship and Trusteeship with Accountability towards all stakeholders. The stewardship and the trusteeship arise out of the wealth of its stakeholders that is within the control of the Board of Directors. The Directors are expected to manage this wealth with responsibility creating value for its stakeholders.


“Michelin Man” celebrates 120 years
The much loved “Michelin Man” celebrates 120 years. DIMO came forward to support the 100th year anniversary celebrations of Colombo
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Another successful Sustainability & Volunteering initiative from DIMO
Extending DIMO’s collective responsibility outside the business boundaries, DIMO Life to Reef – Coral Restoration, Monitoring and Conservation Programme was
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පරිස්සමට පොරොන්දුවක් – 4
DIMO’s exclusive community based road safety programme series “පරිස්සමට පොරොන්දුවක්” concluded its 4th stage in Trincomalee on 15th November 2018.
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Project Life- Partner Visit to Kanneliya
Project Life- The multi -company Public Private Partnership which was established to restore and manage a degraded fern land in
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Contact Details

For sustainability related queries please contact

Thanusha Chandrasekera

Head of Operations Compliance

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