DIMO has ventured into the export business, establishing its own brands in the agriculture and mobility sectors, to enhance the utilization of the comparative advantages we have. While contributing to the GDP, export businesses also increase employment opportunities, supporting recovery from recessions.


Miditer offer a range of natural, healthy food products that are good for the community that nurtures it and the planet that grows it. The products are grown, harvested and packed with the promise of complete transparency through the supply chain. This transparency goes beyond sourcing the product, as Miditer provides additional technical expertise, support and the best tools in the industry to farmers at root-level, until it is labelled, sealed and delivered. Miditer is a part of the process from seed to table - ensuring that its product range is of the highest quality and sustainable.
As one of the biggest coconut exporters and manufacturers, Miditer even offers white labelling and bulk purchasing options to enhance businesses in search of high-quality products. Miditer offers a range of tropical coconut products, exotic fruits and more, each sustainably harvested and ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Rambler - the ideal compact off-road camper trailer - is complete with state-of-the-art technology and components, alongside a luxurious interior. It is designed with all the needs of adventure in mind. The Rambler equips you to make the most out of your experience with, a world class build of the highest safety standards and a weekend of self-sufficiency.

Affordable yet, uncompromising of quality and safety, you can plan your next great outdoor escapade without a worry.