Our Subsidiaries

DIMO continues to invest in subsidiaries both locally and internationally, catering to a variety of emerging businesses.

Local Subsidiaries

DIMO Industries (Private) Limited

DIMO Industries (Private) Limited was incorporated as a subsidiary of DIMO in 1979. It was established for the importation and sales of tires.

DIMO (Private) Limited

DIMO (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of DIMO PLC specialized in providing the world-class engineering solutions in the spectrum of Building Solutions, Power & Energy. Healthcare & Civil Construction. The company has highly qualified and experienced professionals in the fields of system design, installation, project management, testing & commissioning, maintenance, etc. This is the key strength of the company which has allowed it to secure large-scale projects in both the private and public sectors.

DIMO Lifeline (Pvt) Ltd

DIMO Lifeline (Pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary of DIMO PLC specialized in providing the world-class medical technologies to Sri Lanka in its journey of building a healthier nation. From providing capital nature medical equipment such as MRI machines, PET scanners which help the medical professionals to diagnose the diseases, we provide lifesaving consumables and implants such as cardiac stents with the most sophisticated technologies.

Mansel Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd and Associated Laboratories Ltd

Mansel (Ceylon) (Private) Limited and Associated Laboratories Private Limited, operate under the DIMO Healthcare umbrella, and adhere to DIMO Healthcare’s vision of building a healthier nation. As a part of the DIMO Group of Companies, Mansel (Ceylon) (Private) Limited and Associated Laboratories Private Limited, combine 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with 80 years of DIMO excellence, and aims to support and raise the local healthcare industry to unparalleled heights. Both companies have built relationships with over 20 reputed agencies from around the world. Both companies boast a vast portfolio of over 1000 products which are available through an island wide distributor network and backed by 8 decades of DIMO trust.

PlantChem (Private) Limited and Plant Seeds (Private) Limited

In 2005, Farmchemie Agro (Private) Limited was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in Sri Lanka and from 2012 onwards, the company came to be known as Plantchem (Pvt) Limited. The company was involved in import and distribution of seeds, fertilizers, crop care and agricultural equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. In 2015, they incorporated Plantseeds (Pvt) Limited as an extension of the company with a focus on catering to the expanding agricultural seeds business.

The acquisition of Plantchem (Pvt) Ltd and Plantseeds (Pvt) Ltd in 2018 by DIMO enabled the company to provide wider crop care solutions, seeds and plant nutrient specialty products empowering agriculture communities around the country.

Virgin Oil International (Pvt) Ltd.

Virgin Oil International (Pvt) Ltd. is a producer & exporter of pure Virgin Coconut Oil and other Coconut Based products. Built according to international food processing standards, the fully-fledged production facility of the Company consists of state-of-the-art automated equipment to ensure a high-quality output at every stage of the production process.

Azend Technologies (Private) Limited

DIMO enters into the digital solutions sphere further expanding DIMO’s diversification efforts in 2021, with the launch of Azend Technologies (Private) Limited. Using next generation digital infrastructure and solutions, Azend Technologies provides companies with scalable digital solutions to enable them to stay on top of their industry, whether fintech, edtech, agtech, biotech, and more.

With a growing client base across the USA, UK, and Middle East, Azend Technologies is well positioned to help companies enable their business objectives through digitalization, ultimately increasing stakeholder wealth.

Moveflex (Private) Limited

Moveflex (Private) Limited is a leading provider of transportation solutions in Sri Lanka, looking to expand into logistics and warehousing. Their main objective is to ensure best practices in effective, efficient, and reliable logistics solutions to achieve total customer satisfaction while developing productive long term business relationships with its customers. Although established as a transportation solutions provider, handling cargo and passenger transportation in Sri Lanka, their focus on providing a seamless service flow has helped them grow to the point where they now offer an entire suite of services including Customs Brokerage, Freight Forwarding, Logistics Operations, Trucking and Warehousing.

Tropical Health Food Pvt. Ltd.

Tropical Health Food (Pvt) Ltd processes and exports organic fruit chunks and dehydrated fruit to the European Market, providing premium quality food that is safe and meets the international quality standards. All its products are certified as organic under EU Organic by Control Union (CU) Certification of Netherlands.

DIMO Travels Pvt. Ltd.

DIMO Travels (Private) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of DIMO with its operations into travel industry.

Foreign Subsidiaries

DIMO Coastline (Private) Limited

Founded in 2017, DIMO Coastline (Private) Limited, is a joint venture between DIMO and Coastline Investments. The company’s main focus is to provide marine repair and general engineering services in Maldives, including repair and service of marine craft, marine engines, generators, turbines, pumps and boilers. The main focus of the joint venture was in introducing to the Republic of Maldives, a state-of-art ship yard with modernized equipment and tools together with a team of experienced and skilled engineers.

DIMO Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.

DIMO formed a fully-owned subsidiary to pursue its interests in the sales and aftercare of construction machinery in Bangladesh. DIMO holds the authorised dealership for world-renowned brands such as KOMATSU, Bomag, and KEASER kompressoren while offering a range of earth moving and mining machinery, compaction equipment, lift trucks, and air compressors, all of which are supported by the company’s unmatched after-sales service. Plans are afoot to expand the operations into other areas of business. DIMO expanded its construction and mining machinery equipment business in Bangladesh.

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC - Uganda Branch

DIMO has taken its expertise beyond the borders of Sri Lanka and involved in the Low and Medium voltage power projects in Uganda together with the government of Uganda and other stakeholders.

DIMO Lanka Company Ltd.

DIMO Lanka Company Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of DIMO with its operations into vehicle industry in Myanmar.

United DIMO Company Ltd

United DIMO Company Limited is a 70% owned subsidiary of DIMO with its operations into vehicle industry in Myanmar.