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DIMO Life to Reef

November 28, 2017

Coral Reef Restoration, Monitoring and Conservation Programme – “Life to Reef” was launched last Saturday (25th November) at the Rumassala Beach. The enthusiastic participation of our Tribe Members brought good vibes, energy and excitement to the project.

The volunteer pool representing different departments across the group worked together for the success of the project, carrying the pride of DIMO being a company that, enhances and enriches the bio-diversity of the country. Life to Reef project used many novel methods of coral restoration, which were experimented and found to be successful by Wildlife and Ocean Resource Conservation, a non- profit organization working on conserving bio-diversity of Sri Lanka. DIMO’s very own divers, snorkelers and swimmers along with the project coordinators took the planted corals in metal frames & cement blocks and deposited at the bottom of the sea. These corals were tagged with DIMO branded plates to enable monitoring of the growth of the corals in future.

The project was designed and executed in a very nature-friendly manner, to ensure zero harm to the environment while executing the project. The materials used in the project were either degradable or made out of recycled or reused material. Used barrels were converted to garbage bins and placed by the beach for public use. A beach clean-up was also carried out with the participation of the volunteers. The exciting and fun-filled day was well spent by the volunteers who also took part in games on the beach. The scrumptious meals served and the souvenir hats given to the volunteers made the day, a remarkable one for all the volunteers.