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DIMO Medical Engineering team installs another SIEMENS 3 TESLA MRI at Lanka Hospitals

March 29, 2017

SIEMENS 3 TESLA MRI is an advanced state of the art MRI scanner with dedicated coils that can project accurate imaging in border spectrum of medical specialties. This new 3 TESLA MRI, is now available for patients at Lanka Hospitals which gives a greater patient comfort with shorter scan time. Also with a broader tunnel it will ease claustrophobia of patients. The unit is less in noise and accurate in diagnosis with high quality image. This MRI machine is also equipped with a dockable table, which  can transport “transit trauma patients” straight from the Ambulance to the MRI suite. This unit has the Anaesthesia capability so that critical and paediatric patients can be taken into MRI imaging under anaesthesia. DIMO’s well qualified and trained Engineers handle the process from supplying , installation, testing and commissioning of this project.