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This year, we enhanced our level of transparency by adhering to Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

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We are delighted to present DIMO's 13th Integrated Annual Report.

We consider this report as the primary means of communication with our shareholders and a significant communication channel with all our stakeholders. It has been diligently prepared to offer a balanced, transparent, and comprehensive perspective on DIMO's performance over the past 12 months.

Our leadership

The leadership of a company shapes its culture, drives its performance, and determines its success. Strong leadership fosters innovation, resilience, and growth, creating a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

DIMO's corporate strategy centers around three primary pillars: Diversification, Differentiation, and Collaboration. In conjunction with our declared purpose, values, and brand commitment, this strategy harmonizes the Group's corporate governance framework and the Sustainability Agenda 2030.

The ultimate outcome of our purpose is to generate value for both our shareholders and stakeholders, optimize our operations, enhance customer satisfaction, engage stakeholders effectively, and contribute to sustainable growth and profitability.

DIMO's Sustainability Agenda 2030 propels the organization's ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) operations within a robust and well-established ESG ecosystem. Taking a long-term perspective, this approach encompasses three distinct pillars of emphasis: Being a Resilient Business, Creating a Resilient Community and Conserving a Living Planet.

By implementing effective controls, we can attain a balanced performance and navigate seamlessly through evolving circumstances.


Carbon emission to generate million turnover

0.09 tCO2e

(2021/22 - 0.14tCO2e)

Water consumption to generate one million turnover

1.44 m3

(2021/22 - 2.62m3)

Non-renewable energy consumption to generate one million turnover

1.21 GJ

(2021/22 - 1.52 GJ)

DIMO Logistic Centre at Weliweriya wins Silver Award in the Vehicle Servicing Category at the Presidential Green Awards 2022.


DIMO was crowned as 'One of Sri Lanka's Most Outstanding Women Friendly Workplaces' at the CIMA SatynMag Women Friendly Workplace Awards 2022.

DIMO Academy for Technical Skills (DATS) was able to produce.

46 graduates

(2021/22 - 46 graduates)

Voluntary investments in social progress

Rs. 17 million

(2021/22 - Rs. 24 million)

Employee benefits distributed

Rs. 4,471 million

(2021/22 - Rs. 4,089 million)

Anti-harassment Policy and Helpline

6 Reported & resolved

(2021/22 - N/A)

Payment of taxes and other tariffs

Rs. 2,696 million

(2021/22 - Rs. 4,427 million)

No major non compliances in Environmental & Quality Management System and Occupational Health & Safety.

Three whistle-blower cases reported and sorted during the year.

financial highlights
Rs. 35,299 million
Group Revenue
(2021/22 - Rs. 37,507 million)
Rs. 1,622.31
Net Assets Per Share
(2021/22 - Rs. 1,631.47)
Rs. 698 million
Group Profit After Tax
(2021/22 - Rs. 854 million)
Rs. 62.64
Group EPS
(2021/22 - Rs. 76.06)
Employee Engagement Score
(2021/22 - 4.20)
Customer Satisfaction Index
(2021/22 - 92%)

Revenue and Profit

Governance holds significant importance throughout DIMO, driven by various factors. The Group's shared values and belief system firmly advocate the necessity of a strong governance framework encompassing both conformance and performance aspects. This ensures value creation for stakeholders, reinforcing the commitment to excellence.

“The robustness of the Governance System is an ideal dipstick to test the health of an organization."

The group risk management framework and procedure is to effectively handle significant material risks that have the potential to impact the value creation.

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