Stakeholders & their Expectations

For DIMO, meeting the stakeholder expectations is the purpose of its existence.
This is why they are integral in forming part of DIMO’s strategic imperatives.

Our goal has been to add value to our customers by giving them globally renowned products. The purchase of a product from DIMO does not conclude a deal with the customer.

Our Customers

Rather it marks the beginning of a long-term relationship where we endeavor to provide continuous solutions to the customer.

Over the years the Company has invested in human resources and necessary tools and equipment to provide customers with long-term solutions for their products after purchase.

Through the DIMO branded after-sales service, we attempt to provide constant assurance to customers that we are ‘there’ whenever they need us. All this combined with our service standards of quality and dependability appropriately denoted as “With DIMO Technology”, emphasizes our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

Our long-term goal is to become carbon neutral. Central to our policy on sustainability is our effort to ‘do no harm’ to the physical environment and to constantly look at ways of replenishing our natural resources.


No process of sustainable value creation can ignore the natural environment. In 2005 our operations were certified with the Environmental Management System (EMS). This comprehensive plan allows us to measure the impact that our operations have on the environment and enables us to identify the steps we should take to minimise any adverse consequences.

The EMS also helps to share energy saving processes and technologies within the Company and to reduce wastage. Our EMS is guided by the Triple R concept: reduce, reuse and recycle. The EMS has helped us identify five strategic areas that require focused attention:

  • Energy, water and fuel management, Emissions management, Waste management, Noise control
  • Material management

While we invest in the people who work for the organisation we also invest in the people who form part of the larger community.


Society is one of our key stakeholders and our sustainability policy is geared to adding durable value to the lives of all people. We seek through our activities to empower communities and people and to decrease their independence on handouts and charity. Our sustainability policy in this area is aimed at generating sustainable, durable and independent solutions which ensure that capacities are built within communities to generate their own responses and to seek long solutions to their problems.

In this regard we have paid particular attention to generating employment for unemployed youth and providing vocational and technical training to those who have not been able to make it into the formal educational system.

One of our key responsibilities is our employees and their families. Our goal is to nourish and nurture this intellectual capital to produce sustainable and durable outcomes for all stakeholders including the people themselves.


We offer comprehensive medical coverage to all our employees, without discrimination, in every business unit. Often we have gone beyond this medical cover and provided support where employees and their families have had to undergo critical surgery or treatment for life threatening illnesses.

Fundamental to our People Policy is to treat every employee with equal concern and respect. DIMO is an equal opportunity employer and an employee once recruited will be treated according to merit and the flair displayed.

The Company strictly adheres to all statutory requirements with regard to employee remuneration and has a performance-based reward structure.

We will continue to partner with best-in-class Principals and develop enduring relationships. Whilst strengthening existing relationships, we continuously seek to add new Principals to our fold.

Business Partners

Our Principals underpin the DIMO brand. That we are able to offer world class products of real value, which in turn add value to the lives of consumers, is only possible because of the help and support of our Principals.

The DIMO ethics ensures that all contractual obligations with our Principals are honored, to the letter. We also invest substantially, financially and by way of human resources to add value to the world class product offers we make.

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholder Issue Management Process

Stakeholder Engagement Process

Stakeholder Expectation Survey

Stakeholder expectations form the basis of sustainability of our company. It is therefore imperative that we identify our key stakeholders and their expectations. The extent to which stakeholder expectations are met are measured.

DIMO has in place a systematic identification process through which stakeholders are identified and their expectations are sought through an independent party. Whilst the company’s sustainability is the motive behind meeting stakeholder expectations, “societal control” exercised by the stakeholders is likely to work in favor of the company in financial value creation.