Environment Impact Management

Environmental Impact


It is universally accepted that business enterprises in general impact the environment, and it is the responsibility of individual companies to conduct their activities in ways that cause minimum harm to the environment. At DIMO, our responsibility towards the well-being of the environment is entrenched in our corporate values (Refer page 05 for corporate values) and in our corporate strategy (Refer page 29 for corporate strategy).

DIMO is committed to conducting itself as a responsible corporate citizen (Refer page 29 for strategy statement) and in doing so,we focus on minimising adverse impacts and maximising the positive impacts across all our activities. We have identified natural resources as a capital input to our value creation chain too (as depicted in the value creation model on pages 32 to 33). Natural resources are scarce, and often dwindling and therefore their sustainability is of prime importance. By minimising our impact on the environment, we make our contribution towards preserving the natural environment. This collective efforts could prevent long-term negative consequences on the availability of natural resources.

Our environmental policy communicates our corporate thinking to employees and visitors and reinforces our commitment towards the Sustainable Development Goals that we pursue. The ‘I Pledge’ programme at DIMO also encourages employees to ‘live green’ and carry the environmental ethic beyond the workplace and into their family and social life.

I Pledge

We also focus on a collective effort aimed at taking our environmental policies beyond the boundaries of our business and to this end we participate in programmes and initiatives outside our business, on a voluntary basis.

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