Automated Car Parking is a method of automatically parking and retrieving cars in a space that would usually not be able to hold a large number of cars. With the ever increasing land utilization for commercial purposes in urban areas, land reservation for auxiliary tenacities like car parking has become a very huge burden to handle.

Therefore, automated car parking systems have been the solution of choice especially in the developing world. Automated car parking is more efficient, more convenient, far more secure and significantly more financially beneficial compared with conventional parking. The car parking systems DIMO offers range from mini-systems to vast systems containing hundreds of vehicles. We offer custom-designed parking systems to fit the needs of our customers. The ability to accommodate more vehicles in less space by eliminating the need of ramps, passenger elevators and other infrastructure is one of the most striking aspects.

Employing an intelligent control system has minimized the human involvement in the operation. Standard systems can be specially designed according to the land space available and vehicle moving patterns, starting from small (02 car spaces) Lift parking system to hi-tech Tower elevator systems.

DIMO was the first company to introduce a puzzle parking system for Vision Care Opticals that doubled their car parking capacity. This parking solution works on the principle of a puzzle. It comprises of pallets that move laterally or vertically, making it possible to park or remove any car without disturbing the others. All in all, it takes only a minute to either park or take out a car. Our system has also been used in the newly renovated Inland Revenue building in central Colombo.