After 26 years of isolated operations, the Jaffna peninsula has received power from the national grid, thanks to a 67km long transmission line from Kilinochchi to Chunnakam. The total electricity requirement of the Jaffna peninsula will be fulfilled by the 63 MW sub-station based in Chunnakam which will provide electricity to industries and over 120,000 households leading to economic development in the region.

The DIMO Power Solution team was contracted to install, test and commission a 132kV Siemens Air insulated Switchgear system for the sub-station. This is not only used to control the power flow, but also to ensure that system failures and malfunctions remain limited which guarantees overall net-work stability. Siemens and DIMO Power Solutions have ensured that the highest possible reliabil-ity, economical operation, and maintenance throughout the service life are provided to ensure proper functioning of the electrical system.