The R. Premadasa Stadium (formerly known as Kettarama Stadium) is one of the main venues in which international teams play cricket with more than a hundred one day international matches having been played at the venue. In 1991, it was one of the first stadiums in Asia to introduce a flood lighting system to promote night cricket matches. At the time, DIMO was contracted to provide a one of a kind flood lighting system for the entire stadium with renowned Principals, Osram, Siteco and Siemens.

With the advent of the Cricket World Cup of 2011, a complete refurbishment of the entire R. Premadasa stadium was executed with an upgrading of the floodlighting system. The stadium is able to accommodate approximately 35,000 spectators, a Grandstand, two new Sight screens, four Spectator Blocks and a Digital Scoreboard.

The new Pallekele Cricket Stadium in Kandy was constructed specifically for the World Cup. It has a standing capacity of about 24,000 and has a Grandstand, Press Box/Media facilities, open Spectator areas and a Digital Scoreboard. The construction also marked the introduction of a new floodlighting system for the stadium.

Once again, DIMO was awarded the project to provide a total lighting and electrical solution for both stadiums. For the R. Premadasa Stadium, this included the Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of the Flood Lighting System including the electrical distribution system, aircraft warning lighting system and lightning protection systems.

For the Pallekele Cricket Stadium, the project scope was the Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of a new Floodlighting System including the lighting high masts, electrical distribution system, aircraft warning lighting system and the earthing and lightning protection system. The scope of the project also included the civil construction of the high mast foundations and electrical panel rooms.

The Solution

On designing the cricket ground lighting, it was important that the batsman and bowler are not in direct view of the stadium lights in-order to follow the movement of the ball when it is travelling at high speeds. The DIMO Lighting Team took into consideration balancing the grounds main purpose against the initial expense, expected on-going energy efficiency and maintenance costs.

Premadasa Stadium, Colombo

Siteco R2 Maxi projectors provided the ideal solution for the refurbishment. Four different types of beam angles of the R2 Maxi projector were effectively used to provide a uniform lighting level across the field.

Each light tower has an average of 83 numbers of 2,000W Metal Halide lamps within the head frame. The light output ratio of the luminaries is as high as 82% which greatly reduced the initial installation cost by minimizing the number of luminaries as well as the operational cost. The system was designed to give 2,200 lux vertical illumination for the main camera at the wicket area with the horizontal illumination at the wicket area being 2,700 lux.

Pallekele Stadium, Kandy

It was a considerable challenge for the DIMO Lighting Solutions Team to overcome the shadow of the pavilion roof at the Pallekele stadium while placing the high masts adjoining the building. Computer simulation of the tower shadows were used to position the towers so as to minimize the shadows on the pitch area.

The light towers are controlled by a proven, robust control system which has been designed to activate the floodlights in four stages. The light masts and flood lighting of the stadium grounds have been done to fully comply with international standards and ICC regulations.

Considerations were also made to ensure compliance with High Definition Television requirements. Additionally, the lighting solution took into account the close proximity of the residential properties and main arterial roads of each stadium.


To ensure a reliable power supply four 1000kVA generators were installed in parallel. Power is distributed using underground cables to all the towers, each of which consumes close to 220kW. The complete power and control cabling system of the Pallekele stadium was supplied and installed by the DIMO Power Solutions team.


With the expansion of the R.Premadasa Stadium pavilion, strengthening of the columns was essential which holds up the seating arrangement, club house, scoreboards, etc. This was completed with the implementation of Fischer Chemical Anchoring Systems with Bosch Power Tools used for all relevant demolition and drilling work. For the compaction of the Cricket grounds, several units of the Bomag BW 138 AD tandem rollers were sold and serviced by DIMO.Diesel and 12 numbers of stand-alone Generator sets. Testing and hot/cold commissioning of all PLCs, Control wiring, Input/outputs and alarm/tripping conditions.


By utilizing the synergistic products and solutions of DIMO’s Principals, Bomag, Bosch, Fischer, Siemens and Siteco, the DIMO Team of experienced engineers provided the perfect solution for players and spectators alike for both stadiums. At night, each stadium is filled with a glorious wash of light as it stands out as one of the most dazzling displays of lighting in Sri Lanka.


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