The extension of the Southern Expressway from Pinnaduwa to Godagama with a four lane road is intended to reduce travel time to the south of Sri Lanka. DIMO Lighting Solutions was awarded the tender to illuminate the extension to ensure the safety of vehicles while adhering to all energy protocols and roadway lighting guidelines in accordance with the best practices and standards. The scope of this historic project included the supplying of materials, installing, testing and commissioning of the complete roadway lighting system of the expressway. The DIMO engineers were able to complete the entire project by matching client specifications which corresponded with the wide and diverse range of products that are manufactured by DIMO’s lighting partners. From technically sophisticated to the economically robust, DIMO’s lighting partners includes brands that have products manufactured to the highest quality standards. An economically feasible solution was introduced which met the stringent technical requirements of the project. The products installed. tested and commissioned are given below:

Item Brand Country Specification Qty
High pressure sodium vapour lamps Osram Germany NAV T 250W E40 445
NAV T 70W E27 53
Roadway lighting fixture Disano Illuminazione Italy Type II, full cut-off 250W 445
Steel street lighting poles Ningbo Liaoyuan Lighting China 12m height, 3mm thickness, 445
Underpass lighting Davis Lighting Malaysia 70W high pressure sodium vapour floodlight 53
Electronic control gear Vossloh–Schwabe Germany 2x36W electronic control gear 108
Low voltage switchgear Siemens Germany MCCB, MCB, RCCB and Isolators >1000

The installation included the erection of 12 meter high single arm steel poles for each lighting fixture. This project was the first roadway lighting project done by DIMO’s Lighting engineers. The success of the project led to DIMO Lighting being awarded the access roadway that starts from Godagama and ends at Nupe Junction. This will be the first LED street lighting project DIMO has been contracted to implement.


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