In-order to safeguard visitors, occupants and vital data of the airport every moment of every day, DIMO was contracted to implement an advanced Siemens fire alarm and fire fighting system. The system engineered and designed by DIMO’s in-house experts comprises of 14 fire alarm control panels and 02 network PC graphics stations that are linked via fiber optical cables to all buildings and structures of the airport.

The Solution

The fire fighting system has more than 4,000 sprinkler heads and 03 FM200 fire extinguishing systems that ensure all safety requirements are met effectively. The FM200 system is a clean, colourless, and environmentally friendly fire suppression agent that is electrically non-conductive and safe for humans.

It extinguishes flames primarily through heat absorption, leaving no residue, thereby minimizing any downtime after a fire. With these features, the system provides maximum fire safety for the air navigational controls at the Air Traffic Control Tower.

The Wallace & Tiernan® DIOX-A 250 Chlorine Dioxide Generator from Siemens installed, tested and commissioned by the Fluid Management team is the first machine in Sri Lanka and India to be used for eliminating legionellae to provide safe drinking water for the airport staff and visitors.

KSB Fire system pumps and Control Panels were also supplied, tested and commissioned by the Fluid Management Team. Three jockey pumps, one electric and one diesel pump have been installed in the main fire pump house. These pumps are connected to the fire distribution system including the internal building sprinkler fire suppression system, fire hose reels and fire hydrants. All the five pumps are synchronized and automatically controlled to maintain the pressure of the distribution system in the event a fire occurs in the airport premises. This is the first set of UL/FM approved pumps installed in Sri Lanka conforming to international standards and testing benchmarks. In addition, KSB pumps for the drinking water supply, sewerage and wastewater system have been implemented in the same way as the fire pump system with a range of valves for all the systems.

In the same fire pump house, a Demag 5-tonne overhead crane was installed that will be used in the event any repair or maintenance work needs to be carried out on the main engine and components requiring it to be lifted and transported to the workshop.

The LED lighting solution installed in the Business Class Lounge of the airport provides flawless lighting for all visitors to enjoy its aesthetics. Seventy energy efficient RZB light fittings of Carledo, Cyl basic, Magcardo and Quadrana surface mounted luminaries from Germany were installed along with Osram and Vossloh-Schwabe lamps. These products were respectively chosen for their unique design and longevity which makes it the ideal choice for decorative purposes as well as 24-hour usage with optimal energy savings.



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