Durdans Hospital is one of the premier established and respected tertiary healthcare providers in Sri Lanka. It is a modern, multi-specialty private hospital located in the heart of Colombo. The newly introduced Sixth Lane Wing embodies their tradition of a high level of dedicated service and care with the most advanced medical facilities.

For the equipping of the new Department of Radiology, DIMO was contracted to install and commission a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) scanner from Siemens that met the hospital’s goal of patients enjoying absolute safety and maximum comfort with uncompromised precision. Energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting was also introduced for the wing with world-renowned lighting manufacturer, OSRAM. This was one of the landmark projects as at that time LED products were just introduced to the industry.

Medical Solution

The high-resolution images of MRI and CT scanning tests have given confidence to clinicians to perform their routing scans as well as advanced applications.

The world renowned Siemens Magnetom Avanto 1.5 Tesla 18 Channel MRI Scanner and the Siemens Somatom Definition AS 64-slice CT Scanner introduced by DIMO with a host of desirable features for the clinician as well as to the patient will add to the hospital’s vision of being the best in the country when it comes to healthcare.

The Siemens Somatom Definition AS 64-slice CT Scanner is the fastest in the industry on a 64-slice platform and provides doctors with the best image quality provided by its highest isotropic resolution. Definition AS 64 gives the minimum radiation dose to a patient while achieving the highest image quality by its CARE (Combined Applications for Reduction of radiation Exposure) features. Further with its new flying focal high capacity X-ray tube, scans can be done faster than ever before.

The Siemens Magnetom Avanto 1.5 Tesla enables ultra-fast image acquisition. The Avanto is being used primarily for routine MRI scanning and utilises fast image acquisition with a dramatic reduction in acoustic noise without compromising gradient performance. The system combines special casting for gradient coils with special magnet suspension and a unique MR sequence design. Alongside lightweight coils, LED lighting and an inbuilt radio to aid patient comfort, Siemens’ Tim® (Total imaging matrix) technology provides flexibility, accuracy and speed in all clinical procedures.

In addition to supplying both machines, DIMO Medical Solutions designed the examination rooms. The delivery process of the Avanto was unique as it was craned into position through the side of the hospital directly into the examination room. DIMO along with the Siemens team managed the installation process as well as testing and commissioning to ensure a smooth and on-time delivery. An after-sales service contract of 5 years was signed with Durdans Hospital for both machines that covers areas of preventive & corrective maintenance. As with all CT and MRI Scanners provided by Siemens, the Sonatum and MAGNETOM Avanto is connected to the Siemens Global Support Center. Here both machines are monitored on continuous basis for any possible malfunction (pre-warning of device failure), allowing it to function at optimal levels.


Good lighting makes a significant contribution to creating an operationally effective and patient-centered healing environment. The 24/7 environment of Durdans means that lighting represents a significant percentage of electrical consumption.

In an effort to provide an efficient lighting solution, the entire lobby was implemented using advanced products from OSRAM specifically LED lighting of wattage 5W. Over 1200 units of OSRAM Parathom 5W lamps that are energy efficient, have a significantly longer life than bulbs and are extremely robust were used in the installation. More than thousand LED spot lamps were used in the lobbies of the hospital. The lifetime of each lamp is approximately 50,000 hrs.


The fire fighting system (hydrant and sprinkler) from KSB pumps were installed and commissioned by DIMO’s Fluid Management engineers. The team designed and implemented a customized system close co-ordination with Durdans contractors to ensure the best product as per the set requirements.


Over the years, DIMO with Siemens has gained a clear market leadership position in healthcare institutions by introducing new and innovative medical equipment with the DIMO Medical Solutions team covering engineering, design, project management, installation, testing and commissioning.

DIMO’s 24-hour helpline services and maintenance contracts have established the organization as one of the leading providers of healthcare solutions to Sri Lanka. The other diverse solutions offered such as lighting, fluid maintenance, building management systems, etc have clearly defined DIMO as an all round solution provider for any application.


Medical Solutions

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