Lighting Solution

The architect of the project was keen on maintaining uniform lighting while minimizing the electricity consumption through-out the entire office building. The solution provided by DIMO to light up the office areas used OSRAM T5 florescent lamps with OSRAM dimmable electronic control gears in Davis lighting fixtures. All the lighting fittings fixed near windows were designed to enhance natural light during day time.

Fluorescent lighting fixtures with T5 lamps were used together with compact fluorescent down light fixtures to add variation to the lighting sources available. DIMO Lighting provided different types of lighting fixtures with the same model of energy saving lamps allowing Aitken Spence a trouble free inventory the replacement of all their lamps.

Building Management

The new Aitken Spence building needed a central point in-order to intelligently control the many systems and thousands of data points that will be generated. Siemens solutions offer an integrated approach that unites multiple systems on one network from a single software platform. Once integrated, data from those systems will be assimilated and converted into information that empowers the management in making decisions and actions that enhance efficiency, comfort and well being.

The state-of-the-art Siemens building management system effectively monitors and controls the following:

  • Chiller System
  • Lighting Control System
  • Fire Detection System
  • Water Management System
  • Elevators
  • Generators
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Automated BTU Billing

Integrated control of all building systems has resulted in substantial reduction in overall energy usage.


The DIMO Team worked closely with the project design and management team with professionalism and versatility with the end result a blend of sophisticated technology and easement of use that invariably benefited the long term plans of the Aitken Spence management.



Ms. Sarani Wijerathne

Building Management

Mr. Samantha Gunawardana