DIMO’s partners with the leading manufacturers of products and systems engineered to take on the most demanding conditions day after day in the energy sector. And with a world-class service behind us, complete support is always there, 24/7. We offer solutions and services that help you avoid expensive power interruptions, equipment breakdowns and start-up costs.

Power Transmission

DIMO and Siemens have synergistically leveraged their innovative strengths in providing efficient power transmission systems. Turnkey end-to-end solutions for the construction of substations can be undertaken by DIMO from conceptualization to commissioning with Siemens products.

Power Distribution

DIMO provides cutting–edge low voltage (Voltage Level I kV) and medium voltage (1 kV Voltage Level 33 kV) technologies for various industries such as utility, building construction, manufacturing, leisure, infrastructure (airports, seaports, hospital, etc).

Energy Automation, Control & Protection

DIMO along with Siemens can partner with you to provide innovative, advanced products, intelligent systems, customized end-to-end solutions and services covering all aspects of Energy Automation, Control & Protection.

Renewable Energy

DIMO provides innovative, safe and user friendly advanced solutions that boost productivity and improve efficiency in mini-hydro, bio mass, solar and wind power plants.

Low voltage (LV) installations

We are specialized contractors for any type of electrical installation work in structures such as apartments, factories, hotels, water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants etc, in low voltage (LV) applications.

High voltage (HV) installations

In electric power transmission engineering, high voltage is usually considered any voltage over approximately 35,000 volts. This is a classification based on the design of apparatus and insulation.