Training Programs for DIMO Tribe

Friday, July 16th, 2021

Every year the Employee Engagement and Transformation team of DIMO in partnership with the clusters identify crucial training needs of the Tribe. As they roll out the training plan this year, they intend to leverage innovation and technology to create and deliver the most relevant and rewarding learning and development resources, embrace a progressive mind-set to deliver high quality, accessible and novel learning and development opportunities, empower staff to think differently, to learn new approaches and to reimagine the power and purpose of learning more broadly.

Company commenced two programs this quarter: Basics in Business English for the Agri Machinery Team and Successful Business Communication for the DIMO Limited Cluster. These programs aimed at developing language skills and effective communication skills in the business context respectively. Both programs have had a successful reach so far with feedback indicating effectiveness. The program will conclude with assessment submissions. The participants will be awarded a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the respective program.