Touchstone – DIMO centre for outbound learning

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Touchstone – DIMO centre for outbound learning started its operations on 6th October 2018 at Na Sevana Technical Institute premises as a two day program. This is a new initiative by HR department in order to reduce the costs of outbound training we would incur with external vendors and retain the funds within the company, while making our goal to provide high quality and effective outbound learning experience to our employees.

Touchstone aims to cater to the unique needs of its clients whereby we identify specific problems related to each department, customize the type of experimental learning we provide in order to tackle these problems and to draw the participants out of their comfort zones.  This initiative is not just a retreat but a great value additions to the company and its employees as all the activities target personnel and team development.

Activities included in the training were an extensive obstacle course, raft building, abseiling which bring out courage, team spirit and confidence. We have taken extra measures to ensure that equipment used here are of high quality and maximum safety is guaranteed for the participants who attend the training. The inaugural program by touchstone was conducted for the CMD Service Department and the session was well received.

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