Thunder Valley Off-Road Cross

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Thunder Valley Off Road Cross organized by The Four Wheel Drive Club was held on the 23rd of February 2019. Proud Jeep Owners too participated at this event and Jeep Sri Lanka partnered as a sponsor of the event.

There was a hospitality section and display area where Jeep displayed their range of 4×4 machines. The all new Wrangler was also displayed and the new Wrangler owners came to the event as well. The new Wrangler was taken on a demonstration run on the track showings its true capabilities. Jeep club members too were present at the event to support their colleagues and enjoyed every bit of the event while spending a memorable time with their families and friends.

The inclement weather known to this area of Kaluaggala prompted the name to this track Thunder Valley, where the ground conditions are ever changing due to heavy shower conditions presenting a challenging track for 4-wheelers. The days up to the event was no different with thunder storms hampering track work throughout the week, and a welcome window of sunshine up till the event creating an ideal balance for the participants.

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