Testimonial from a Melon farmer from Padukka – DIMO Agribusinesses

Friday, February 28th, 2020

Plantseeds (Pvt) Ltd, the seed arm of DIMO Agribusinesses is the market leader for hybrid melon seeds that ensures the highest quality and yield per acre. Out of these hybrid varieties ‘Jet’ Melon (honeymelon) is a top performing variety that enables yields to rise.

This Melon farmer from Padukka spoke about his experience of growing melon ‘Jet’ variety, renowned for its firm fine netted round fruit, and sweetness with green flesh and commented on how he was able to produce healthier crops specifically at a polytunnel, all of which benefited him in terms of improved yield and profitability.

This tasty, although odd-looking, melon is packed with nutrients. We encourage you to add melons to your family meals daily for a healthier diet and support Melon farmers as well to improve their livelihood.