Pick My Load Partners with major retailers

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020

There has been a sudden and large demand for transportation and online platforms as retailers and consumers adapt to the social distancing regulations imposed during the COVID -19 crisis. DIMO’s transportation solution arm Pick My Load teamed up with major retailers and several other companies in Sri Lanka to deliver goods to their customers during this pandemic situation.

Pick My Load partnered up with major retailers such as Glomark, Laugfs and also with Advantis, Yoho Bed (Yoho Mart), Unilever and many more, to offer transportation solutions so that consumers could get essential items reliably and securely without any hassle during the curfew period.

 In addition, Pick My Load distributed  PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for DIMO branches island-wide, while continuing to support  urgent deliveries of company’s  distribution network.