‘Pick My load’ App makes goods transport easy

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Mobile apps are not strange to many people interacting with technical tools in the modern world. Among various mobile apps, several mobile apps that can be used to order a vehicle to travel are operative at present. But, a mobile app enabling the transport of an item of furniture, household equipment or raw material needed for building construction to your home from the store after purchase is somewhat alien to our country. But, such an app is no longer alien to us. Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), a foremost organization in the automobiles and automobile solutions sphere of this country for the past 79 years, launched that special task on the 15th of May this year.

Accordingly, DIMO has given a new face to the mobile apps methodology by introducing ‘Pick My Load’ app that can be accessed through smart phones familiar to everybody and the internet, which came about as a way to enable owners and drivers of commercial vehicles to better use their time and vehicles in a rapidly growing market. The platform seeks to connect these owners/drivers to potential shippers looking to transport goods from point A to point B with focus on ease of use, reliability and security. This ‘Pick My Load’ app has become very popular among customers and drivers within a very short time of introduction. The basic reason for this popularity is the trust and the goodwill DIMO has as a foremost company in the automobiles and automobile solutions sphere of Sri Lanka. This task is optimally coordinated by the DIMO branch network spread over 40 branches island wide.

This ‘Pick My Load’ app has been introduced as the realization of a concept of Mr. Ranjith Pandithage, the Chairman & Managing Director of Diesel and Motor Engineering PLC that has introduced world-leading and popular vehicle brands such as Mercedes – Benz, and Tata to Sri Lanka constantly paying attention to innovations. At a time when most features of the present day society

are digitalized, this ‘Pick My Load’ app specialized in connecting owners/ drivers of commercial  vehicles with potential shippers was added to the country’s mobile apps as a special project of DIMO, on the concept of digitalizing the logistics sphere.

Accordingly, the time has come to put a full stop to wasting time and labour seeking vehicles for goods transportation. To start with, you have to download the ‘Pick My Load’ app from your smartphone. Users of Android mobile phones can download this app through the Google Play Store and Apple mobile phone users can download the app through the App Store, and get themselves registered. You can log into the app and once you have a need to transport goods, you can enter the place where the goods need to be picked up from and the destination. Then you can select the vehicle which suits the type of your goods out of several categories of vehicles from motor cycles, three wheelers, cars, small trucks, Lorries and tippers to Prime Movers that are used for transporting containers, which feature gives more convenience to customers. After selecting the type of vehicle, you have to follow the instructions appearing on the screen of your mobile phone and click ‘BOOK NOW’, confirming the vehicle type and the method of payment, and you can get the vehicle to the point of commencement of the journey within a few minutes. The consumer is made aware of the estimated cost of the trip before commencement of the trip and all payment details appearing in the driver’s payment section at the destination is a great convenience. Furthermore, if helpers are needed for loading and unloading of goods, that also can be obtained through this platform and the payment for that is also included in the total cost of the trip. Even people without smartphones could fulfil their goods transportation requirements by entering the ‘Pick My Load’ website www.pickmyload.lk through the internet. Furthermore, what is special with this app is, as this ‘Pick My Load’ app is working in all three languages Sinhala, Tamil and English, anybody could conveniently access its features. The constant expectation of DIMO is providing the highest quality services to consumers using the ‘Pick My Load’ app. Because of this, within a few months of introducing the app, its quality has been upgraded to the highest level. At present, over 2000 drivers are connected with Pick My Load and over 350 trips have been facilitated through this app. A methodical training is given to drivers connected to this platform by DIMO so anyone could obtain their services with confidence.

Furthermore, a vehicle could be ordered throughout 24/7 through the ‘Pick My Load’ app and an extra convenience to the consumer is that a booking can be made for the current instant or for a later time and date. That can be arranged by clicking the option ‘BOOK LATER’. Customers registering on this service for the first time do not have to enter their credit/ debit card details repeatedly in paying through their credit/ debit cards which is facilitated through Tokenization technology and the specialty here is that any valid credit/ debit card could be used for making payments. Furthermore, DIMO has made arrangements to offer this service with special discounts for customers who are continuously using this app. Even though ‘Pick My Load’ is operating in Colombo and Gampaha Districts at present, the Company says that it is planned to be made operative throughout the whole Island in the very near future. Furthermore, plans are afoot to

Introduce more new features for the convenience of the customers and foremost among them is the plan to introduce an insurance scheme for goods of customers who are continuously using this app. The ‘Pick My Load’ app differs from other transport mobile apps because of its higher quality and efficiency. Drivers connected with this app do not have to waste their time till they get a hire. They get notified about all hires through their mobile phones and they can connect with the app from the convenience of their homes. Even people in other sorts of employment could connect with this transport platform in their spare time as a source of extra income. That will be a piece of good news for drivers. Furthermore, customers obtaining services through this app are made aware of the location and progress of the vehicle through the map displayed in the app, they do not have to waste their time on the road checking for their transport to arrive at the required location.

DIMO has made arrangements to broaden the trust of their customers by giving them the opportunity of expressing their satisfaction at the end of the trip by introducing a system of ‘rating the driver’.

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