“Michelin Man” celebrates 120 years

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

The much loved “Michelin Man” celebrates 120 years.

DIMO came forward to support the 100th year anniversary celebrations of Colombo Rubber Traders Association (CRTA) in recognition of Michelin Man’s birthday! Sri Lanka produces some of the world’s finest quality rubber noted for its strength and endurance and has an ambitious target of achieving a gross industry turnover of US $3,500 million in 2025.

The iconic Michelin Man, with his cheerful demeanour, has been widely recognised around the world as the face of the MICHELIN brand since 1898. Michelin Man celebrates his 120th birth year in 2018. The character was born in 1898, followed by the imagination of the Michelin brothers and cartoonist “O’Galop”. Over the years, Michelin Man has accompanied generations of travellers all around the world, to reach their destinations. Michelin Man’s birth and life is read around the world as an adventure of 120 years, covering every corner of the world, with many more chapters to be added to the legacy.

The Global rubber industry plays a pivotal role in the world tyre industry. Hence it was fitting that Michelin come forward as the main sponsor of Ceylon Rubber Traders Association 100 year celebrations which happened recently. DIMO was the main sponsor of the above event which saw all leading stakeholders of Sri Lanka’s Rubber industry come forward to celebrate this initiative. This was an ideal platform to launch the Michelin Man’s 120 birth year campaign. Participants of the event were able avail themselves for attractive promotions, and Michelin brand engagement activities.

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