Knowledge Champions – initiative to groom internal trainer pool

Friday, July 16th, 2021

DIMO boasts a diverse and talented workforce. This year the Employee Engagement and Transformation team has endeavoured to leverage untapped potential by grooming a pool of internal resources to champion learning and development at DIMO. The internal resource pool comprises of Tribe members who have a knack for imparting knowledge and are passionate about their areas of expertise. These Knowledge Champions will deliver programs of their own before undertaking a certification program to become recognized trainers for the Tribe.

Commencing the initiative with his take on Customer Relationship Management, was Maweka Jayawardene, Senior Customer Account Manager at Mercedes-Benz. With over 20 years of experience in this space, national level recognition for his knowledge and expertise while representing the organization in the international sphere, Maweka had a wealth of learnings to share from his experiences. In the months to come, several Knowledge Champions will deliver similar programs that will play an integral role in the learning and development journey of the Tribe. We will continue to support them on this endeavour and trust that you will too by joining their sessions and extending your encouragement.