HTJT Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. Opts for Tata Vehicles from DIMO

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

DIMO Kurunegala Branch delivered 1 unit of TATA SuperACE, 2 units of TATA LPT 407 and 3 units of TATA LPT 709 to HTJT Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd. on 14th January 2020. Mr Himesh Thennakoon [Managing Director – HTJT Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd.] accepted the vehicles from Mr Nawaz Marikkar.

Mr Ajith Thennakoon [Group Chairman – HTJT Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd.], Mr Uditha Yapabandara, Mr Jeyarajah Dayabaran, Mr Anuradha Thoradeniya and Mr Asela Wijendra participated at the vehicle handing over ceremony held at Kurunegala branch premises.

These vehicles will be used for gas distribution purpose across the island.