Thursday, February 1st, 2018


DATS student Praveen Nanayakkara (2nd year) who was awarded Second Runner up in the Service Advisor category of the international round of SKILLNEXT was warmly welcomed by the staff and students at DATS Weliweriya recently. SKILLNEXT is an annual  competition held in Pune, India by TATA Motors to promote the spirit of serving customers. Mr. Praveen Nanayakkara, was recently assigned to TATA Passenger Service Division under the Graduate Guidance Program (GGP), a new initiative by DATS in collaboration with HRD.

The GGP strives to groom DATS students for future positions within DIMO, well in advance of their graduation. The outcome being that they will be productive as of day one on the job, eliminating long periods of training and adjustment once graduated. DIMO divisions are allowed to choose those suitable for their vacancies in advance, further streamlining manpower planning. The GGP also strives to increase the retention rate of DATS graduates whom the company has invested greatly.

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