DIMO salutes healthcare heroes at IDH

Monday, January 4th, 2021

While our thoughts are with all those who are infected with the COVID -19, we should also recognize the endless efforts and sacrifices made by healthcare professionals and other staff who care for these patients. The physical and emotional burden experienced daily by healthcare staff is numerous.

DIMO who is also in the Medical Engineering field had a clear understanding of the sacrifices made by these healthcare heroes in combating COVID-19 while working with them in this endeavour. In this battle against COVID -19 DIMO learnt that these heroes have made personal sacrifices, compromised their own safety, worked overtime, subjected themselves to tremendous stress and anxiety, and have had to make difficult decisions personally and professionally.

As a responsible corporate citizen DIMO thought it is important to appreciate our healthcare heroes and let the whole nation know what sort of sacrifices they make in these uncertain times.

The company selected IDH hospital for this initiative since it plays a pivotal role by guiding the local healthcare sector on how to face the global pandemic while strengthening competitiveness of our healthcare staff.

On January 1st 2021 DIMO rewarded and recognized 530 healthcare heroes based in IDH for their endless effort in combating COVID-19 through a ceremony held at the hospital under strict health guidelines.

Sending a special message to the IDH staff Mr Ranjith Pandithage said “your untiring commitment, effort and courage has minimized the impact of the deadly virus, and has brought it under controllable levels. This token of appreciation is to reassure that we as a country owe you, “Our Heroes” a very big thank you.” ·

Representing DIMO Mr Priyantha Dissanayake, General Manager of Medical Engineering and Senior Accountant Ms Ishara Danansooriya participated at the event. DIMO endowed all 530 IDH staff members with BLACK + DECKER home appliances, essential items and PPE while appreciating their commitment.

This CSR project was initiated by DIMO’s Sustainability Division and DIMO staff volunteered in arranging these gifts which creating a positive impact in the minds of DIMO tribe members. The focal point of this initiative was the donation made by the tribe members of nearly Rs. 100,000 to purchase masks while contributing 42 volunteering hours to make this event successful.