DIMO Installed a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant at DIMO Jaffna Branch

Thursday, March 25th, 2021

DIMO Industrial Engineering Division recently installed and commissioned a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant at the DIMO branch in Jaffna. The RO System has been designed & assembled using top components as per the highest standards of qualitative norms. The raw water to the RO Plant is sourced from a tube well and the plant can cater a treated water demand of 10 cubic meters per day (permeate) which is sufficient for the daily water consumption of the state of the art vehicle service station and workshop facility at Ariyale, Jaffna.

This RO Plant consists of Filter Feed Cum CIP (Clean in Place) pump, dual media sand filter, micron cartridge filters, chemical dosing systems, UV, high pressure pumps, RO module, Rota meters, pressure gauges, ball valves, non return valves, control panel, etc. which are installed on MSEP (Mild Steel Epoxy Painted) skid. The Chemical dosing scheme of this system includes Chlorine dosing, Antiscalant dosing, SMBS (Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite) dosing, Caustic Dosing, etc. which can finally produce quality drinkable water having pH 6.5-6.8 with total dissolved solids less than 500ppm.

Contaminated drinking water may result in waterborne diseases and therefore the safe drinking water is an essential need for all human beings. DIMO as a responsible corporate is proud to offer solutions which are linked to public health and well-being of our entire nation.