DIMO Building Technologies secure Sri Lanka’s largest warehouse project for entrepot trade

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020
DIMO Building Technologies are all about creating perfect places by increasing its comfort, efficiency, resilience and safety.
As one of the key players in the CCTV market space, we have recently secured the Supply, Installation and Commissioning scope of IP Based CCTV System of Sri Lanka’s largest warehouse for entrepot trade, the Export Greenfield Warehousing Complex of CAMSO LOADSTAR in Kimbulapitiya.
We will be providing the complete CCTV coverage inside the warehouse to monitor operational activities which will increase efficiency, productivity and provide an added level of security for their employees and merchandise. A detailed design segmenting each area in the warehouse has been offered to address each and every requirement of the client providing a comprehensive solution. The system will consist of a total of 229 cameras offering a state of the art enterprise grade IP CCTV surveillance system that covers indoor, outdoor and office areas of the complete warehouse complex.
Access Engineering PLC is the main contractor/ developer of this iconic project and with its completion in early 2021, it will support massively for the export business which in return will generate foreign currency for the country.