DIMO 800 Assures ‘Star’ Class Expert Care for Mercedes-Benz Patrons

Sunday, September 15th, 2019

As the only authorised General Distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Sri Lanka, Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC‘s, DIMO 800 offers state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz servicing facilities on par with international standards. In keeping with their stance towards providing their customers with unmatched value through their range of services, DIMO recognizes the significance of investing not only on their state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz facility, special tools and equipment but also in people and expertise. Apart from the range of services and facilities offered exclusively to Mercedes-Benz customers, DIMO also engages in instigating a host of inspiring events aimed towards enlightening their staff and customers alike when it comes to aspects of mechanical and technical knowledge sharing and awareness.

One particular event that stands out in the Mercedes-Benz Aftersales Service calendar is the Flying Doctor Technical Inspection Program. This is an annual campaign, which attracts large amount of Mercedes-Benz Customers. Flying Doctor campaign was held this year too and happens to be a service experience like no other, exclusive to Mercedes-Benz owners from around the country. This year’s campaign once again, was proven a hit where all available slots were sold out in quick succession. The campaign also prompted a positive response from all who attended.

Noted as one of the finest Daimler AG Technical Experts, Mercedes-Benz Flying Doctor for South East Asia and South Pacific Markets, Ashley Giles was in the country to offer his support and advice at DIMO 800, The HOME for Mercedes-Benz. Adding his insight on the comparison between DIMO 800 with that of others in the region and around the world, Giles stated, “DIMO offers a wealth of technical expertise and they also focus on uplifting their staff through world class training. People are no doubt a very important aspect for any company if one is to accommodate customers with the best in technical support and advice. DIMO has put so much effort into looking after their customers not just through sales but also in terms of handling the after sales process, customer services and many other such facets. All these things come together to give customers the best support possible.”

Giles is also technical trainer who also engages in offering technical support for this region and takes part in service clinic activities. Mercedes-Benz is known to produce some of the safest vehicles in the world and strive to focus on the safety factor throughout the vehicle’s life. It comes down to the customer to decide whom they would choose to service their vehicle. DIMO accommodate expertly-trained staff who also regularly receive training from Daimler AG and have the best technicians and technical staff, likely in the world. By incorporating trained staff alongside the availability of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts, customers can be assured that their vehicle is in good condition and hold a vehicle’s value for longer since genuine parts do indeed last longer, thus helping to ensure cost-saving in the long term,” Giles acknowledged.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles involve a range of technical entities in them that require specialized knowledge, expertise and the finest care from Daimler AG. Giles added that cars have become quite complex these days and a lot of the complexity revolves around the software. “Software has become a very important part of how our vehicles operate now and Daimler AG regularly brings out regular software updates throughout the vehicle’s lifespan. Only Daimler AG authorized service centres such as DIMO can offer these software updates and they are the only people capable of carrying out complex diagnosis on Mercedes-Benz vehicles using the special tools and equipment they possess exclusively for Mercedes-Benz cars, as these vehicles are very advanced now and require particular care to be looked after,” he added further.

Another special factor that comes into place is the ‘Star’ status maintained by the DIMO workshop, indicating their ability to ensure a vehicle’s resale value. Having the car looked after by the authorized service centre denotes quality aftercare where a service record of the vehicle is maintained throughout its life. This is a very important document to ensure that the vehicle’s resale value is kept on a higher level. So, there is definitely an additional cost-saving in the long term. With all these elements set in place for Mercedes-Benz owners, this aptly indicates the importance of not only assisting car owners with special support in taking care of their car through every aspect of its use, but also the highlights the importance of seeking out the right type of expertise from the right place.

As the nation’s premier purveyor of automobiles and automobile solutions, DIMO has always been a cut above the rest when it comes to delivering trusted and personalised customer service.