CLAAS Demonstrates Dynamism and Profitability

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Financial year 2011 was a highly successful one for CLAAS. The company achieved the highest sales in its history, at €3,304.2 million, representing a rise of 33.5 % on the previous year’s figures and outperforming expectations. Furthermore, CLAAS was able to expand its market position in most product groups. At approximately €255 million, CLAAS’ income before taxes has more than tripled on the previous year’s value; in addition to this, the quality of the financial result has once again taken a leap, with the gross margin rising to 24.9%.

In technical terms, too, financial year 2011 was a record year. CLAAS brought the combine harvester to Europe 75 years ago and has sold 435,000 combines since then, plus a new combine harvesting World Record was set by a CLAAS LEXION 770 combine in September 2011. German specialist journalists have selected not one, but two CLAAS products as “Machine of the Year 2012” in the relevant categories: the JAGUAR 980 forage harvester and the AXION 900, which was launched onto the market in 2011 and is the highest powered standard tractor.