Automobile Technology for Non-Technical Staff

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

As an Engineering company, it is vital that all tribe members have an acceptable level of knowledge of the products that are sold and serviced.  This is especially important with regard to vehicle sales, spare parts and accessory sales, store keeping and administration.

A special two day training session on automobile technology non-technical staff  was conducted by DATS recently.

Participants from several divisions of DIMO gained much needed knowledge on the basics as well as the latest trends in automobile technology, equipping them better to explain technical details and functions to clients as well as improving their ability to identify components and level of understanding.

DATS, along with HRD identify the technical training needs of DIMO staff through the annual skills inventory. The course was conducted by Mr. Ruwan Yapa Kulathunga at DATS Weliweriya.

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