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2017/2018 Annual Report

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This year too we have consciously looked at transformative, social, economic and environmental change that will inspire others and transform the world we live in…

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Diamonds are known for their qualities of purity, absolute strength and clear, classic beauty; attributes that have guaranteed their value and appreciation over time. Most natural diamonds are formed over billions of years, miles beneath the Earth’s surface in high temperatures and pressure conditions.

The subsequent process of cutting and transforming a rough stone into a faceted gem combines both science and art, requiring specialised tools, technology and craftsmanship. Diamond production has several stages: planning, sawing, checking for smoothness and polishing – with a final inspection for the quality of symmetry, polish and cut. It is a complex task requiring patience and commitment to the meticulous work of change and transformation that eventually results in the creation of this valuable gem.

DIMO has always been a Company of the future. Innovation, creativity and progressive thinking have defined the way we have used our talent and resources to chart our corporate journey.

For over 79 years, we have been at the forefront of Sri Lankan business and industry, simply by being a Company that has lived by its corporate purpose to ‘create value responsibly’. Today, more than ever before, we see the need for transformative social, economic and environmental change in the way Sri Lankans live, the way we work and the way we look at our future. We want to play our part in driving such change and that’s why our future focus includes the broader issues of alternative energy, intelligent mobility, structured farming, climate change and the creation of sustainable value that benefit everyone.

We know that a business enterprise can only be economically viable if it is genuinely sustainable.

We recognize that good business is responsible business and that is why we are investing to build awareness, launching long-term projects and striving to ensure that our work and values resonate with our stakeholders, for their belief is what drives us to keep excelling year after year.

We’re going into a future that we see as challenging, yet full of potential for those who regard such challenges as opportunities for positive transformation. And we’re excited to lead the way yet again; inspiring ourselves and inspiring others to be the change we all want to see.

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