Touchstone, the DIMO Outbound Training Centre, was inaugurated in October 2018 with the aim of providing a high quality and effective outbound learning experience to our DIMO Tribe members at a reduced cost, whilst retaining the funds within the organization. The facility is located at the Na Sevena Technical Institute premises, Sooriyawewa.

DIMO has always contributed to drive the strategic goals of collaboration & differentiation while sustaining a high-performance culture, through alignment, capacity building and engagement of the tribe members. The unique training needs of employees and specific problems pertaining to each department are identified and a customized experiential learning opportunity is provided on how to tackle these problems, through drawing the participants out of their comfort zones.

During the two day training that comprises of many activities that help participants develop courage, team spirit and confidence, extra measures are taken to ensure that the equipment used in this program are of high quality and that the maximum safety is guaranteed for the participants who attend the training.

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