Everdigm Hydraulic Breakers

EVERDIGM has grown to become the most reliable attachment manufacturer in Korea and includes a worldwide distribution partner network spanning 70 countries. EVERDIGM’s adherence to the highest standards of quality is underscored by the achievement of ISO9001, ISO14001, CE and AEM tool energy rating. Such stringent quality standards have been reached primarily due to the innovative R&D team, efficiencyintegrated
manufacturing and goal-oriented, professional people of the company.

The expansive product range that includes hydraulic breaker, multiprocessor, pulverizer, compactor, multipurpose grab, quick clamp and other attachments enables EVERDIGM to maximize productivity and durability in both construction and demolition job sites. All EVERDIGM products guarantee outstanding results, safety and durability.

Everdigm Hydraulic breakers
Basic Applications of The Product

Quarry operation (drilling)

Everdigm Breaker Advantages
  • Diaphragm breaker
  • Built using advanced technology
  • Quality materials are being used to manufacture
Product Range
  • Everdigm breaker product range 0.6 t to 110
    (EH008NS to EH70NS)
Everdigm Hydraulic breakers operation