FAYAT Group provides top quality road building equipment to Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas. BOMAG is the company’s leading brand for road building machines. Boppard Maschinenbau-Gesellschaft mbH, known globally as BOMAG, is headquartered in Boppard, Germany and is the global leader in the field of Compaction Technology and manufacturing of machines for the compaction of soil, asphalt and refuse, stabilizers/recyclers, land milling machines as well as finishers. BOMAG compactors give the maximum productivity in compaction, exceeding the standards set by the competition.

The company’s product portfolio consists of 22 product groups. It has 12 subsidiaries around the world and serves 400 dealers in over 120 countries worldwide. Quality is the cornerstone of all BOMAG output and none more so than in manufacturing. Quality awareness and personal responsibility are key elements of BOMAG quality management.

Light Equipment Range

  • Tampers / Rammers (58-85 kg)
  • Walk behind rollers (700 kg -1040 kg)
Bomag light equipment

Tandem Vibratory Rollers (1.5 Ton – 15 Ton)

Vibratory Roller 1.5 Ton

Pneumatic Rollers (5 Ton – 27 Ton)

Available Models


  • BW 24 RH : 8.8 Ton
  • BW 25 RH : 12.0 Ton
  • BW 27 RH : 13.6 Ton

Single Drum Rollers / Soil Compactors (10 Ton – 28 Ton)

Market Leading Compaction for cost cutting use.


  • Optimum Weight Distribution
  • High static linear load
  • High Amplitudes
  • Higher Out put
  • Less Passes
  • Greater layer Thickness
Single Drum Rollers

Asphalt Pavers (2.5 m – 13 m)

Crawler & Wheel Type Available
  • Highway Pavers
  • Universal Pavers
  • City Paver
  • Mini Paver
Asphalt Pavers
  • Our screed heating is ready for operation three times faster than
    conventional systems – cost cutting with technology.
  • Perfect all-round visibility of the machine edge, hopper and screed – the
    unique BOMAG SIDEVIEW system.
  • The active engine and hydraulics management system reduces fuel
    consumption by 20% – intelligent energy saving.
  • For faster screed extension set up times – the smart QUICK
    COUPLING attachment system.

Refuse / Waste Compactors (22.5 Ton – 55Ton)

BOMAG’s expertise as market leader and the skills thus acquired have
been incorporated into this unit and enhanced by new thinking. The result is
a compact compactor featuring;

High productivity
Low operating costs and easy maintenance
Suited to the smallest landfill sites or due to its versatility on larger landfills.

Available Models

  • BC462 RB : 22.5Ton
  • BC 672 RB – 2 : 32.7Ton
  • BC 972 RB -2 : 47.3Ton
  • BC472 RB : 26.8Ton
  • BC 772 RS – 4 : 38.4Ton
  • BC1172 RB-2 : 55.3Ton
Refuse & Waste Compactors