At DIMO, we believe in ‘Making Work Enjoyable & Rewarding’. Being a part of DIMO is more than a job – it is a pathway that will elevate your career to new heights of success. A professional and collaborative work environment sets the foundation for your advancement by helping employees as well as the organisation grow from strength to strength.

Dilrukshi Kurukulasuriya
Chief Human Resources Officer

We encourage our employees to be well-rounded individuals. We believe in work life balance and MAKING WORK ENJOYABLE & REWARDING. We take every effort to embody our motto in our Tribe members by facilitating different kinds of programs to suit the interests of a hugely diverse workforce at DIMO.

Toastmasters Club, Biggest Looser, Quiz competitions, Religious ceremonies, Sports Day, Kiddies Party, DIMO day, DIMO dance, Department excursions, etc. are just some of the many activities besides the strategic HR initiatives taken by us to improve employee engagement.

Annual Christmas Party

A Christmas party is held every year for our Tribe, their spouses and children. All children between the ages of 1-5 years receive surprise gifts while children between the ages of 6-12 years receive gift vouchers for leading department stores.

Plenty of snacks, drinks and savories along with games, a bouncy castle, merry go-round rides, face painting and a whole lot more are available for children to enjoy the spirit of the season.

Night of Incredibles

Night of The Champions

We believe that recognition; energizes, excites and engages people and reinforces positive behaviour. At DIMO we have several spontaneous and structured programs to recognize employees going beyond their call of duty. Once a year we identify the best performers in each category of the organization and recognize them at a gala event were we invite the spouses and families to witness the achievement of their loved ones. They receive special awards and cash prizes for their contribution and the DIMO Employee of the Year a grand prize of a TATA Nano car.

DIMO Got Talent

DIMO Got Talent

In DIMO celebrating personal talents and achievements is as important as celebrating organizational wins. We celebrate and cultivate the natural talents and creativity of our employees and believe that by supporting our passionate employees to showcase their talents and skills will build engagement and encourage creativity. ‘DIMO Got Talent’, is the result of this thinking. Employees from every part of the country with natural talent in singing, dancing, instrumental music and performing arts were given the opportunity to compete in a fun competition organized in the model of national level talent show and at a grand scale.

DIMO Night 2016

DIMO Night

‘DIMO Night’ is our annual Dinner Dance. Staff and management alike take part in the event filled with fun, dancing and entertainment. Tribe members bring their spouse, siblings or partners along with them. Senior Leaders, Management and staff all mix together at one venue and celebrate DIMO and its achievements in the ending year during DIMO Night.

DIMO Sports Day 2016

Sports Meet

Every year, the DIMO Tribe gathers to compete in a number of events that pits them against each other in a challenging and enjoyable atmosphere.

Each and every Tribe member is given the opportunity to compete regardless of their physical stature while being cheered on by their respective team.

Religious Ceremony

DIMO’s religious ceremony celebrates the diverseness of the Company’s employees.

Each religious ceremony is attended by all Tribe members regardless of their respective religions to appreciate each other’s beliefs and bless the business and all our valued stakeholders.

DIMO Annual Vesak Lantern competition

Vesak Lantern competition

Every year during Vesak, the divisions of DIMO are encouraged to participate in an internal Vesak lantern competition that pits them in creating a lantern that is creative while symbolizing the strong Buddhist culture of this important period.

On judging each Vesak lantern by the senior management, prizes are given to each department based on their combined decision.

DIMO Kids art Contest

Kiddies Art Contest

A Kids Art Competition is organized annually for the children of our tribe members. They are given the opportunity to show their creativity and create a master piece of their choice. It is a fun event where the children and spouses of the tribe members visit the DIMO 800 premises and are treated to breakfast snack. Judges from the Art Association of Sri Lanka come in to judge the winners. The art work is put on display during the Kiddies Christmas Party held annually in December.

DIMO Wellness week

Wellness Week

We take proactive measures to promote health and wellness of employees and with this in mind we organize a wellness as an annual practice. The objective of the program is to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve health outcomes of our Tribe Members. The programs consisted of activities such as screenings and health education relating to detection, prevention and cure on Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Dental ailments and Cancer.

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