We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.

Lighting solutions for streets

Any street lighting project is often complex and expensive whether it is a motorway, highway, tunnel, main road or even a by-road. Our team will work towards giving an efficient and effective solution that is ideal.

Lighting solutions for sports

Based on our years of experience with all types and levels of sports applications, DIMO Lighting Solutions utilizes the latest software in-order to introduce a concept with our array of products to present our customers with an ideal solution.

Lighting solutions for Health care Industry

From lights for waiting rooms to operating theatres to doctors’ offices, DIMO Lighting Solutions carry the innovative state-of-the-art solutions for all types of hospitals and clinics.

Lighting Solutions for Hospitality Industry

The textural appearance of interior design such as decorations, furniture, food, etc. are greatly enhanced with the right type of lighting – an area of which DIMO Lighting Solutions are proficient at providing.

Lighting solutions for Showroom/Outlet Lighting

Our team specializes in the illumination of buildings, outdoor areas and even sacred sites such as churches and temples to create a functional and visually appealing site for everyone to gaze upon and appreciate.

Lighting solutions for factories

At office, accuracy and efficiency at work are crucial and therefore the visual comfort provided by lighting plays an important role.

Lighting solutions for Apartments

DIMO as the authorized local agent for OSRAM, maintain a stock of thousands of different types of lamps.

Façade Lighting

Indoor lighting solutions are made all the more easy with the wide range of products DIMO has to offer.

Lighting solutions for private Institutions

DIMO’s Lighting Management Systems with OSRAM and other leading brands will simplify your complex lighting installations to a single control system.

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