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The Mahindra YUVO series tractors open doors to new possibilities for you. Its advanced technology comprising of a powerful 4 cylinder engine, transmission with all new features and advanced hydraulics ensures that it always does more, faster and better. These tractors
are packed with many best-in-class features like more back-up torque, 12F+3R gears, higher lift capacity, adjustable seat, powerful wrap-around clear lens headlamps which stands it apart from the rest.

  • 18% more back up torque: Lesser drop in RPM and a powerful engine to ensure you remain unstoppable even on hard soil.
  • More power: Now get the ability to work with bigger implements.
  • Covers more ground while consuming lesser diesel, giving you even more savings.
  • Dry type air cleaner: Reduced time in cleaning the air cleaner means even more ease in maintenance.


This particular line of tractors is tough, economical and reliable. They are designed to perform multiple tasks with ease. The complete equipment package includes a high performance engine, heavy-duty transmission and rugged three point linkages to facilitate extreme reliability and performance.

They perform efficiently with ploughs, cultivators, rotavators and sprayers. With 8-forward speeds and a maximum road speed of 30 kilometers per hour, these tractors are even suitable for road operations.



This model of tractor is one of the sturdiest and heaviest in their category. At the same time they are easy to operate and display impressive power.

It includes a complete package with a large capacity engine, heavy-duty transmission, high lift capacity hydraulics and a very robust cast iron chassis. These machines are perfectly suited for all kinds of farming operations ranging from basic chores to commercial landscaping.

At the time of purchase, a complete Farmer Kit/Tool Kit is gifted free of charge which is ideal for maintenance of our range of agri-machinery. We also offer three free services at the completion of 250, 500 and 750 meter hours in comparison to other companies that offer only a single free service.

Mahindra NST 595 DI

NPB series tractors come with highly fuel efficient engines. These high torque engines with only 1900 rated rpm offers ample traction needed during tough jobs. These tough & reliable tractors are designed to perform multiple tasks and they specialize in all kinds of farming operations ranging from primary & secondary tillage & are also used for haulage applications.

Mahindra 6060/6075  Series

The 6060/6075 series tractors are ideal for primary and secondary tillage, livestock operations, crop protection, mowing, slashing, haulage, loader applications and other basic chores on the farm. Featuring suspended brake and clutch pedals, the uncluttered platform makes for easy entry and exit. All this combined with an affordable price tag further enhances the overall value offered by a Mahindra Tractors.

Mahindra 8000/9500 Series

The 8000/9500 – 4WD series tractors deliver high level productivity at an economical price. The tractors come standard with a high-performance engine, heavy duty synchromesh transmission, designed to match the impressive power and torque characteristics of the engine. These tractor models are ideal to work with heavy implements.