Doing Business

Business with DIMO

Our cornerstone has been the many partnerships we have struck with some of the world’s most recognised and trusted companies, dealers and distributors which have brought about paramount solutions to the Sri Lankan customer and market.


When it comes to our global partnerships, what we mainly look for are quality and ability to deliver. That is why we strive to partner with companies that are reputed for delivering products with the right kind of quality the customers desire. That is also why we have the most dedicated, committed staff to ensure that the products the customers want are delivered to them to the satisfaction of our principals.

Authorized Dealers & Retailers

We at DIMO believe in allowing our customers full, open access to our range of benefits. By becoming an authorised dealer, you are guaranteed a number of benefits as you engage with us, including discounts, rewards and recognition for targets achieved, support, training and much, much more.

Interested in a business partnership?

Contact our General Manager

Mr. Rakhita Gunasekara