Commercial Vehicles

small commercial vehicles

In 2006, DIMO introduced the unbeatable TATA Ace diesel mini-truck to Sri Lanka which was affectionately renamed the “DIMO Batta”. This unique vehicle not only managed to revolutionize the fundamental way goods are being moved in Sri Lanka; it completely opened a new dimension in the way Sri Lankans viewed transportation and how a vehicle can so effectively be utilized for the enhancement of their livelihoods.

The DIMO Batta is the best selling commercial vehicle in the history of commercial transportation in Sri Lanka with more than 29,000 units on the road. Its applications are virtually limitless with the DIMO Batta currently serving as mobile units for collecting and distributing milk, mobile barber saloons and textile sales outlets, vegetables, poultry, grains, fancy goods, ornamental items, books, tea, fish, milk and kola kenda outlets etc.

The DIMO Batta is a small vehicle that opens up big opportunities. Ideal for short, narrow roads as well as long highway hauls, for small bulky loads and large heavy ones. The small exterior belies the power-packed technologically-superior engine which gives the high power and high loading capacity.

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