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LPT 1109

LPT 1109 /36 DSLB PS and LPT 1109 /42 DSLB PS trucks comes with a 3784 CC turbo engine and power steering. Long term durability and specially designed to handle extra work and large volumes. Pay load,7 to 8 tons. This is an ideal good transportation vehicle for distribution industry. TATA LPT 1109 comes with an excellent Braking Power, bigger tyres Rear-Lug, Front-Rib, heavy duty GBS-40 Gear box, heavy duty 310-Dia clutch, dry type air filter, rugged suspension and 4-way adjustable driver seat. TATA LPT 1109 is ideal to transport building materials, hardware items and general goods. TATA LPT 1109 is available in both 16’ load body length and 19’ load body length.

 *Conditions Apply. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


Warranty Details

18 months or 150,000 km