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Commercial Vehicle Services

DIMO’s Commercial Vehicle Service Complex located in Biyagama is capable of handling any problems or service needs you may encounter. It is by far the largest and most modern repair complex in Sri Lanka for Commercial Vehicles. Our operations and environmental management systems maintain ISO 14001:1996 and ISO 9001:2000 respectively as well as 5S standards. Our workshop and service bays are fully equipped in-accordance with the industrial highest standards. TATA Genuine Parts are always in stock aimed at keeping downtime to a minimum. DIMO’s service centers have been introduced in a number of key districts including Anuradapura, Kandy Kurunegala, Ratnapura and soon in Jaffna.

  • 24-hour Road-side Assistance

    Whether your vehicle is broken down, requires recovery or is involved in a road traffic accident, you can be confident that DIMO’s 24-hour Roadside Assistance will promptly resolve your problem. This scheme ensures that, should these complications occur by day or night, they will be resolved in minimal time with minimal inconvenience to you, our esteemed customer. The Complex is open 24-hours a day to fulfill all your vehicle maintenance and repair requirements. Our experienced team of service advisors and technicians are dedicated to keeping your vehicles on the road as we know how important it is to have efficient and effective service at your disposal. Workshop technicians are qualified to NVQ and City & Guilds standards with all employees undergoing continuous training keeping pace with the ever evolving vehicle technology.

  • Fleet Owners Club

    With the intention of providing even more value-added services for our loyal customers, the “Fleet Owners Club” was established. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The membership is offered based on the loyalty points earned by the customers of the DIMO Service Complex. The loyalty points are offered based on 3 criteria: The club has four membership levels namely

    • Number of vehicles covered by the DIMO Service Maintenance Contract.
    • Number of TATA Commercial Vehicles owned by the Customer.
    • Number of times each vehicle has been brought to the DIMO Commercial Vehicle Service Complex.

    Based on the level of membership, you will be entitled for special discounts on any repair or service carried out at the DIMO Commercial Vehicle Services Complex as well as special discounts on any purchases of TATA Genuine Parts from DIMO. To apply for Membership, please contact us on our Hotline – 0772-984-312

    DIMO Drivers Club

    This is a club formed exclusively for TATA Vehicles, Drivers to build up a strong relationship with them by providing them with benefits and to differentiate TATA drivers from the rest of drivers and add more prestige and acceptance for TATA drivers in the society. The requirements to join are, the driver should be a TATA vehicle driver, and should have a close interaction with DIMO and He should have bought the TATA vehicle which he drives to a DIMO Workshop at least once, within the past 3 months at the time he applies.


  • Other Special Services

    DIMO’s Sales Representatives will visit your workshop or garage at least twice a month regardless of where you are based to ensure that your vehicles are running smoothly. In the event of an emergency, DIMO will dispatch a Sales Representative to inspect your vehicle and resolve any problems that may have arisen in minimal time. Credit facilities are provided for any purchases of spare parts and a delivery service for any purchase orders is also available. Other after-sales services include DIMO’s Post Accident Assistance Service and DIMO Mobile Camps in-which free services are carried out at pre-designated locations.

    Collusion Repair Section

    This unit provides “Collusion Repair” support for all TATA Commercial Vehicle Customers. Collusion repair section facilitates customers in getting done any collusion, tinkering, painting or refurbishing repairs as per the specifications of the Manufacturer. This Unit’s main workshop is located at Siyambalape and it is having facility to tour or carry any damaged vehicle from anywhere of the country .This unit operates according to a decentralizing plan. Already Anuradhapura, Matara, Kandy and Kurunegale branch workshops are facilitated to carry out Collusion repairs. Long term plan of this unit is to expand this line of Business with separate collusion repair workshops at regional level.

  • Unit Repair Facility

    DIMO’s Unit Repair facilities will ensure that your engine, gearbox, differential unit and steering box is overhauled and machined using the latest equipment to restore it to its manufacturers’ original specifications and standards. In an effort to extend this service across the entire island, customers can hand-over their engine to any of the DIMO Touch-points to be completely revitalized as it was the first day it was manufactured in our Service Center and delivered back to the customer. Benefits of undertaking this service

    • Specialized knowledge, Supervision by TATA Principals, State-of-the-art technology, Use of TATA Genuine Parts, Unmatched DIMO Warranty, Reasonable prices
    • A courtesy Engine from DIMO until the overhauling of your vehicle's engine is completed
    • Three labor Free Services
    • 5 Day Service*
    • Free Injector check-ups

    Unit Overhauling


    This unit provides “Unit Overhauling” support for all TATA Commercial Vehicle Customers. Unit’s Business Scope is to become the “Most Preferred Service Provider for Engine Overhauling Repairs who gives back a Perfect Engine within 5 Days.”  This Unit is centrally located at Siyambalape and having facility to collect Engines from anywhere of the country with the Boom Truck. Unit overhauling section facilitates customers to trade in used Engines for reconditioned Engines from DIMO with a warranty. Currently this unit maintains a fleet of 11 Engines for trade in purpose. The long term plan is to expand this operation by purchasing used engines from the local market and to recondition them. Other than the engine overhauls the Unit Repair Section facilitates the overhauling of other Aggregates- Gear Boxes, Power Steering Boxes EST.


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