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The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a non-profit organization that promotes economic, environmental and social sustainability. GRI provides all companies and organizations with a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework that is widely used around the world. As of 2006, we have adopted the GRI guidelines into our annual report for our Sustainability Reporting. Our latest Annual Report has been aligned with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Sustainability Guidelines, at a self-declared application level of A+.

GRI has pioneered and developed a comprehensive Sustainability Reporting Framework that is widely used around the world. The Framework enables all organizations to measure and report their economic, environmental, social and governance performance – the four key areas of sustainability.

The Reporting Framework – which includes the Reporting Guidelines, Sector Guidelines and other resources - enables greater organizational transparency about economic, environmental, social and governance performance. This transparency and accountability builds stakeholders’ trust in organizations, and can lead to many other benefits. Thousands of organizations, of all sizes and sectors, use GRI’s Framework in order to understand and communicate their sustainability performance.

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