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While we invest in the people who work for the organisation we also invest in the people who form part of the larger community. Society is one of our key stakeholders and our sustainability policy is geared to adding durable value to the lives of all people. We seek through our activities to empower communities and people and to decrease their independence on handouts and charity. Our sustainability policy in this area is aimed at generating sustainable, durable and independent solutions which ensure that capacities are built within communities to generate their own responses and to seek long solutions to their problems.

In this regard we have paid particular attention to generating employment for unemployed youth and providing vocational and technical training to those who have not been able to make it into the formal educational system.


Lassana Hetak and Sinahawa ]


Lassana Hetak and Sinahawa

Spectacle Donation ,Siyambalape ]


In commemoration of “World’s Sight Day”