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Tools and Equipment


Quality is the most important factor for all our products. At Bosch Power Tools, to ensure your maximum up-time and productivity, our qualified technicians back our tools with the most responsive and reliable services available.

Bosch Power Tools have a fully equipped workshop at No 180, Deans Road, Colombo -10, open from Monday to Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Each and every technician is trained by our Principals to ensure that any of the tools sold by Bosch Power Tools is repaired or serviced in perfect working order within 3 working days. In the unlikely event that a tool cannot be returned within 3 working days, Bosch Power Tools has specially allocated loan tools that can be given to customers.

In addition to our Repair and Spare Parts Service, Bosch offers you a number of other services. Customers are even offered special trading discounts, to purchase a new tool without repairing the old one, if the price of the estimate of the repair is considered too high. We also offer customer trainings and demonstrations carried out by our sales staff at the time of purchase.

For any inquiries, please contact Mr. Hassan Sheriff- Service Manager 0777380550 or