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Medical Engineering

After-Sales Service and Training

At DIMO, we firmly believe that each product is only as good as the service provided by its manufacturer and its local representative. Our services range from maintenance on individual units to repairs on all technically important equipment. Our preventive maintenance strategy optimizes the service life of your units. Our 24-hour hotline 011-4607-111 is the first ever service hotline that has been introduced for medical equipment in Sri Lanka.

DIMO Medical Solutions tailor their services to the individual needs of their clients. This includes:

  • Offering exclusive service and maintenance contracts
  • Our engineers are trained continuously to help you utilize the complete capabilities of each machine and system that we provide including new developments of our machines.
  • Back-up engineers are on-hand for each modality.
  • 24-Hour online technical support from our Principal Headquarter support centers and Regional support centers in Germany, U.S.A, China, Japan, Singapore, Dubai and India.
  • All the equipment we provide are connected to our Principal Headquarter support centers for Remote Diagnosis.