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DIMO Retreads

Tyre retreading is a new technology, where old tyres are made serviceable by removing worn out and damaged treads and replacing it with new treads. Retreading is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way to breathe new life into worn tyres.

DIMO Retreads provide retreading facilities for both radial and bias ply tyres. The factory is located in Weliweriya where every tyre undergoes a thorough inspection process before retreading to ensure the high quality we desire. Customers have a variety of belts to choose from. Premium quality repair materials are used to rejuvenate each tyre thereby returning them back into service.

The retreading process undertaken guarantees that each and every tyre produced results in a high quality finish suitable for Sri Lankan road conditions. This is another area that no corners are cut in order to deliver value to our customers.

DIMO Tyre Repairing Facility

For the first time in Sri Lanka, customers have access to a facility that can repair any radial truck and bus tyre. State-of-the-art machinery is used by a team of experienced and trained staff thereby providing professional services for our customers. The facility is located in Weliweriya right next to the DIMO Retreads plant.