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Engine Overhaul & Machining


We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.


Our machining is done in accordance with the highest quality standards in the industry using precision machines. Our professionally trained technicians take great care to produce quality machine work. The team undertakes the painstaking reassembly process of all the engine components where tolerances are checked and rechecked in our efforts to achieve utter perfection. We pride ourselves that all machining and rebuilding is carried out in-house with no component having to leave our premises for cleaning, machining or assembly.

Just some of the many services we provide are:

  • Crank shaft grinding
  • Con-rods reconditioning
  • Cylinder head/ block Pressure testing
  • Cylinder block boring & honing
  • Complete cylinder head overhauling & de-carbonizing
  • Line boring
  • Valve seat cutting
  • Crank shaft crack detecting