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Marine & Railway Solutions


We have been adding value to the best engineered brands since 1939.


MTU drive systems for route and multi-purpose locomotives meet the variety of operating conditions, and they are custom-designed to do so. They prove themselves on every continent on over thousands of kilometers of railroad: in heavy freight-train operations, at high speeds in passenger trains, in industrial locomotives, and in switching with several load changes and high duty cycles with low demand. 

For the last three decades, MTU has been the first choice amongst Sri Lanka Railways engineers to deliver the performance and ease of maintenance they require. Over the years, we have supplied over fifty DMU’s to Sri Lanka Railways (S-8 Class, S-9 and S-10). One of the many notable achievements of DIMO in this sector was the supplying of several Diesel Multiple Units (DMU) powered by MTU (Series 4000) for the latest generation of locomotives to run on Sri Lankan railroads.


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